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Lulz AlertCookyswat.gifThis article contains social, political or religious extremism.
Target will not accept appeals to common sense and have dangerously high levels of lulz.


[edit] FemiNazi Raep

Girl-Mom Is a Femnazi site dedicated primarily for telling teenage girls how they are totally capable of having kids, and how they totally do not need stupid men. They are currently raid targets
Womens Space is affiliated with a popular feminazi forum, and is home of some of our old enemies such as Heart and BitingBeaver.
/r/ Moar targets

[edit] Current Status

Girl-Mom: Back online. Forum is still closed.
Womens Space: Online.
/r/Moar targets
Also, let the sites get back on their knees for trolling and delivery of the ultimatum. Once they are down, let them be.

[edit] Vital Info

Do not confuse Womens Space (our enemies) with Women's Space (also feminazis, but generally unfunny).

[edit] The Plan

This plan was posted on the /i/ thread. Copy and paste to other FemNazi threads, and use on all FemNazi sites that allow posting, such as womensspace.

1) SyOps: Lurk, browse, create accounts and gain good standing in the community. Use proxies to create less detailed lurker accounts for trolling on D-Day. Feel free for light trolling, but no memes or anything stupid, we need to infiltrate.

2) DDOS (already underway): As PsyOps commences, we begin DDoSING the forum. Not excessively (do not get other chans invovled), just enough to show a semblance of our power. Mabye take the site off once or twice, or hike up bandwidth bills.

3)D-Day: NOTE: DATES WILL BE CHANGED, BUT PLAN REMAINS THE SAME. DDOS PUT GIRL-MOM DOWN FOR LONGER THAN EXPECTED, IT IS NOT KNOWN WHEN THEY WILL RESUME BUSINESS. On November 27th hai! thats my birthday! ~anony, 3:00 PM Pacific Time, new troll accounts, lurker accounts, and your choice of PsyOps accounts are used to troll and spam the forum as much as is humanly possible. This burst of trolling will be designed to be short, but as affective and brutal as possible. All weapons will be used. This trolling period will end sometime in the AM (Pacific) of November 28th.

4) Ultimatum: After a short period of heavy trolling and spam, we immediatley and uniformly cease all actions and create a uniform silence and allow the board to re-organize. At 4:00 PM Pacific Time, on Novembr 28th, we post the ULTIMATUM (scroll down) in every possible board/thread.

5) Misinformation:

After the assault and ultimatum, PsyOps accounts are used to elaborate on the power of Anonymous. Links to FoxNews stories, downed websites, and anything that will make them afraid of us will be posted. Also: Blame eBaums as much as possible without being obvious. REMEMBER: Be grave, be mindful, and make them afraid.


Whether or not we get the tits is irrelevant. If we do, fine, we tell them we lied and destroy them as only Anonymous (and at this point all the chans, etc...) know how. If we don't get the tits, we post some dire warnings and then attack. All the while explaining how merciful we could have been.

ALRIGHT ANONS, you know the score, you know the drill. Assholes and elbows. Get on IRC ( #femnazis).


[edit] The Ultimatum

Copy this, verbatim, to every thread and board you can find when phase 4 hits.

This is Anonymous.
Your ideology has been targeted for elimination. For too long has your ignorance and self-righteous posturing polluted humanity, making a mockery of sex, love, family and responsibility. Turning good women against their men, sowing the vile seeds of lies and mistrust between the genders: these are crimes that will not go unpunished. We, as level-headed men and women, have decided to end this nonsense once and for all.
One way or another, your feminazi drivel will be cut off at the source. If you comply with our instructions, we will spare your website in our jihad to purge the internet of this plague.

  • 1. You are to remove any references to feminism, radicalism and the straw concept of the 'patriarchy' from your mission statement.
  • 2. You are to delete all posts that disrespect men, and ban members who do not treat men and women with an even hand.
  • 3. On the front page of your site, you are to post a picture of three of your members balancing a keyboard on their head, while holding up a piece of paper with the word 'repentance' clearly written on it. This picture is to remain on the front page of your site for the space of one week.
  • 4. You are to keep all your forums open to scrutiny and new membership so that Anonymous may invigilate your compliance with these demands.

If you fail to comply, we will destroy your site and its affiliates. Should you doubt our ability to do this, we invite you to study what has happened to our previous enemies. Submit, or fall like Habbo, Hal Turner, Subeta, Ginmar, BitingBeaver and Cheryl Lindsey "Heart" Seelhoff.
We give you two days to decide. Choose wisely.

[edit] Other CopyPasta

Add moar copypasta. This is what PsyOps is for.

[edit] Vulnerabilities

[edit] Image Vamping URL List

Keep updating:

[edit] Girl-Mom

[edit] Womens Space